From the moment she was able to hold a crayon in her hand, words would pour out onto any blank page. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Alyssa studied at Concordia University obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing and Minor in English Literature. She also obtained a college degree in Law at Vanier College. 

She has independently published ten novels since 2014. 

Alyssa has written more than 20 novels in the past few years and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon! She also offers editing services everyone can afford!

One of the 50 faces of Cégep Vanier for their 50th anniversary 

5* Top Notch Writing and Imagination! "Asylum of Diction" is a competitor to many movies in the horror genre. In my younger years, I used to be a fan of scary movies but have since moved away from that genre; reading "Asylum of Diction" brings me right back to those years and experiencing the rush of psychological thrillers. There is...

Alyssa Milani - author
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